Herb Ladder by Menu

I’m trying to focus on the positive now, and one of the things that makes me happy is thumbing through magazines! Stopped by the local Japanese bookstore and picked up the latest Real Simple/Japan– First off- Who knew they had a Japanese version of Real Simple?! More on that later- One thing that I fell in love with is this Herb Ladder by Menu. I’ve mentioned before about my ongoing quest for modern planters, and this one has so many possibilities! I then saw that it’s also featured in the recent Living Etc. So, of course, I assume that you can only get one from Europe, but after a little googling, I found a supplier right here in lil’ ol Irvine!! Emmo Home! So many new discoveries today!!

Anyway- the Herb ladder is a great space saver, and it has the added function of having night lights inside the dishes, so they can also be used as candles. I’m not really sure how that works, but I love the double usage idea and that you can display them on a table too. I would assume you could plant other things besides herbs as well… Available here. $53.90

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