Blue vintage jars and vases

Oy. It’s shaping up to be a Crazy week and it’s only Tuesday. I’ve got to travel for work on Friday, which means lots of preparation until then, and lots of running around-head in five places at once- type of mental chaos. So… let’s just take a few seconds to stop and look at some pretty shall we?

I love this image from the most recent Body+Soul magazine. Love the idea of just grouping all these blue vases together in a tray. I’d probably opt for a cleaner more modern tray, like maybe a clean white laquered one, but the overall effect is still beautiful. Love how they put in a few sprigs of baby’s breath(Thanks to Kathy who pointed out those are not baby’s breath but rather Queen Ann’s Lace flowers, and I also realized they threw in some fern cuttings too). Also love this idea for all you winos out there (you know who you are) of making this cork trivet type thing.By the way, my parentals are out of town (again), and if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know what that means. Another episode of “While you were out!”- This time, I’m tackling the teeny tiny downstairs guest bedroom. It’s really small and basically just has a queen bed and room for a table. That’s it. Here’s a refresher of the first episode, the living room, and the more recent family room. Here’s a link to all of it at once. I’ll post a new post with the scary before shot, stay tuned.

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