Khai Liew’s home in Vogue Living Australia

Oh to the joy of quiet moments. I just love this photospread of furniture creator Khai Liew, that’s in the recent Vogue Living Australia. Shot by Marcel Aucar, it’s such a warm simple space. I love how he has all the different tones/textures of wood, and then sprinkled in a few pop color accents. The opening shot with the yellow flower ball things, on that white table, with the dark accessories is so striking and chic, yet… easy and… comfortable? I also love the dining room shot and how he used the neutral rug with the dark border underneath the table. It’s not heavy or overwhelming, and still defines the space. I also love the artwork that brings in all these other warm hues, and the white modern planters and stuff on the side table keeps it feeling fresh. ((big sigh))… so nice… The issue of Vogue Living Australia is the one in white with the gold foil that says “Celebrating 40 years”-

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