Ornament Adventure Xmas2007: part 3

Oy. I’m so exhausted! But I wanted to get in one more post before I head out in the morning for a much needed break. Here are two other ornaments that I made for my Ornament Adventure this year. I totally knocked off the ornaments that are in The Gap windows this year (with the yarn). Actually, while I was at the craft store, it was when I saw the ochre/sawgrass colored yarn and then the grey yarn that totally inspired the look for the tree. Anyways. I used two techniques and just wrapped the yarn over different sized styrofoam balls. The grey and taupe balls, I just wrapped randomly around and around. The ochre/sawgrass colored yarn was thicker, so I attempted a “coiled” technique. Ok. Pardon my french, but trying to do that was a …mutha. It started out easy enough. I dabbed the top with some Tacky Glue, and started to coil around and worked my way down. But then when I got about 3/4 of the way through, it wouldn’t stick anymore, and would start to unravel. It was so frustrating! I ended up just going all the way down to half way, cutting it, then flipping it over and starting from the opposite end and working my way back to the middle- then trying to meld the ends together. I’m sure there must be a better technique out there- cuz I was over it after four balls. I’m sure there are more experienced crafters out there- what’s the secret?!

The other ornament was a lot simpler. I had this weird idea to use wood balls on the tree. Since you all know I love woodgrain, I thought it would look fun with the white and grey. I mean, if it looks great in a home furnishings, why not on a tree right? I simply used small eye hooks that screwed in, and used some leftover grey yarn to string them. I first used a dark stain, but didn’t like it, so I switched to a lighter one that wasn’t so contrast-y. Anyway- stay tuned for the final look!

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