Tilt2 installation at Paul Smith

So, yesterday, when I linked about Paul Smith stripes as inspiration for a DIY lamp idea, I checked the “news” section on the PS site and came across this bit about a window installation by Peter Marigold. He took his Tilt Two series of shelving and created a custom display for the Paul Smith Sloan Ave. shop, as part of the 100% Design Festival happening right now (that I soooo wish I could be there to see…) Anyways- The Tilt Two “…is an extension of Marigold’s Split Series, which follows the simple principle that the inverted angles of a split form, any form, will always total 360 degree…” It’s a fun concept (here is Tilt (#1?).I can’t help but be reminded about a funny incident that happened to a friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, but she knows who she is…). She once made a valiant DIY attempt to build her own shelving unit out of wood. She busted out the hammer and nails and it turned out pretty good… except she forgot to put center cross supports. In the end the shelf started to tilt and lean to the side. Looking at the tilted angles of Marigold’s Tilt Two, I can’t help but think that’s sort of what my friend’s shelf ended up looking like! But you know, there’s beauty in that imperfection, and you could take some inspiration from this and create a fun wall unit. Who says shelving has to be in straight lines? Why not make it in different angles (just be sure to secure it to the wall!). It could be a more expanded version of something like this or this, or even this one! except more personal and quirky because you would be in control of the angles… anyways- More info on Peter Marigold’s other highly inventive and creative pieces here.

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