Dry Soda

So one of the things I discovered in lovely Temecula, was this “Dry Soda“. I saw it in this olive oil shop, and was intrigued by the simple and beautiful packaging. It’s basically soda with just a hint of flavor. Kind of like fruit water, but carbonated. It was very very light. According to the website, it’s meant to be paired with certain foods, etc… a “culinary soda”. The story goes that the creater was a food lover and a mother, and found “there was nothing on the market for expectant moms or anyone refraining with alcohol, to pair with their high-end meals at restaurants or at home.” I had the kumquat and a taste of the rhubarb (kumquat was better). It kind of reminded me of Hansen’s natural sodas, but more subtle, and “dry”- but obviously marketed to a much higher end consumer. Overall I liked it- I am curious about the other flavors, including lavendar and lemongrass. Has anyone else tried these?

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