Hotel Valley Ho

So, as I mentioned earlier, I spent this past weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. I stayed at the fabulous Hotel Valley Ho, and had a great time. The hotel really did a stellar job of blending retro styling with a modern aesthetic. Everything was new, but they kept a lot of the integrity of the original, by keeping much of the original color scheme and preserving a lot of the architectural details, such as the cast concrete tiling that is throughout the hotel. The journey to the room was fun as you passed through an additional outdoor seating area. It acted as a great meeting/waiting place if you had other friends staying at the hotel. The hallways were carpeted with fun accent circles. What I loved best was the thought they put into the room. I already mentioned the bathroom, but the other nice feature was the long extended table that acted as vanity and desk. It’s so nice to come into a room and have a big area to plop your stuff down on. I’ll be posting some more of the fun things I saw in Scottsdale, but here’s a link to my flickr page of more shots of the hotel.

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