White on white (vicariously): hotel puerta america

So last week, a few of you commented about the impracticality of living in a white on white room. I totally agree, for myself, since while I do love the concept (obviously), I know I could personally never completely live that way. However, that’s where cool boutique hotels come in! Thanks to some inspired designers, you can live in a white on white world, and then leave and not worry about the upkeep! My friend Em recently went to Spain and she brought back these amazing pictures of a white on white room she stayed at. It was of the hotel Puerta America, where every floor has a different theme, designed by a renowned designer. The floor Em stayed was by Zaha Hadid. It looks so spacey futuristic- I love it! Note the awesome graphics on the bedspread too.
More great pictures at Em’s blog, Supercozy. Have any of you stayed in a great white on white hotel room?

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