Tupperware: Transparent

Plastic is fantastic. I have always loved Tupperware. I think because as a kid, my mom would take me with her to those “Tupperware” parties, and I loved playing with all the fun plastic tupperware toys, and opening and closing the lids to the fun colors. Plus they always had good food and someone always made jello (yum!). Did you know that it was actually because of these “parties” that Tupperware because such a success? It truly is/was modern design at an affordable price. Anyway- there is now this great book out called Tupperware:Transparent. It comes inside in a custom fitted Tupperware case! Inside is a fantastic history of Tupperware with tons and tons of cool photos from their archives. There is also a pretty comprehensive photo list of all the Tupperware products from the 1960s- through 2005. It’s so fun to go through all the pics and remember which ones your family had. A definite must for anyone that loves a little retro-cool nostalgia.

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