Blue Munday: What’s up FOO?

Happy munday. I’ve been noticing another trend lately in all the decor mags, particularily in the accessories. Porcelain Foo Dogs. More specifically, turquoise porcelain Foo Dog bookends. Here is a pair from the March 07 Elle Decoration (UK) and one from the Feb 07 Elle Decoration (UK)and one from the March 07 House Beautiful (right) and a small tiny pair from the March 07 House&Garden (that I featured recently)
What’s up with the Foo Dogs? Don’t get me wrong, I actually love Foo Dogs. I have a pair in yellow in my downstairs guest bedroom. I found them at a thrift store during a trip to Palm Springs a few years ago, and snatched them up, (they were only $10 each!) It’s interesting that they’ve been popping up in all these mags at about the same time.Looking online, I’ve found a few on ebay, but also found a source where you can get plaster ones, and then paint them any color you wish. Do you have foo dogs in your home? Does anyone know of any other sources for them?

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