February 2007

flowers on fire!

ok, not really, but they are in the fireplace. I spotted this interesting idea for what to do with a fireplace you’re not using on the cover of the February 2007 Vogue Living (Australia). They placed various bouquets of flowers in different vases inside, which added a nice springtime burst of color. Another fireplace option I saw in the same issue was this:They filled it up completely with cut pieces of wood. I
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Blue monday: bed side vingette

It’s a blue munday. yay. yipee. To cheery up and get the week started, here’s a lovely blue bedside vingette. This could be a great DIY project if you happen to have an old wood side table that needs some lovin’. Painting only the outsides in a high gloss turquoise, and adding a little collection of turquoise bits on top looks so fresh. I love how they paired it with the vintage-y seafoam background
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Snap Cups

Over the weekend, saw this post on INV/ALT design on D*S, which featured these fun plates/platters that used recycled dishware, but it also led me to the “snap cups” that she (Angela Schwab) makes. She takes the “mix and match” concept to a whole other level! Each set comes with extra snaps and epoxy, so you can snap them anywhere, and there’s all kinds of attatchments that snap to it. M
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