square eggs Part 2: they do exist!

Thank you to everyone that commented about the square eggs post. Super special thanks go to Zara who gave me the link to this video about egg molds. Well, I ordered an egg-cuber and it came to my office and last night I finally was able to test it out. O.M.G. It TOTALLY works!!! I documented the process:1. Boil your egg. (note my schazzy use of the Scoop&Strain. So handy I tell you.)
2. Once your egg is boiled, peel it and, IMPORTANT: while it’s still warm, stick it in the egg cuber thing, and close the lid, and screw it down. The egg will get smooshed into the form.

3. Once it’s in the form, put it in a bowl of cool water. Let it sit for a few minutes. I waited for about 10 minutes.4. Then I unscrewed it, pushed it out from the bottom. and voila!! A square EGG!! (It kinda looks like a slab of butter in the pic huh?)
Unfortunately, I don’t think I kept turning my egg or something, because the yolk didn’t stay in the center when I opened it. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the yolk centered?

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