I’m so happy today. Despite yesterday’s sadness blog format issues, the sun has come out, and everything is new and shiny. Over the break, as part of my “healing”, I picked up a new and much needed dining table, and got rid of two chairs I had loved to death.. literally… they were all ripped and torn, so I’ve been looking for a replacement. Anyways- today I got them! I opted for these great Blok cube stools from CB2– These cubes were really not what I would have thought I would have purchased. However, they bring something unexpected and very modern to my house, which is a good thing. My dining area is pretty small, and these cubes will take up less space and still provide great seating options. Plus I love the pale “bayou” blue. (but you figured that already huh?) They’re quite tall in person. I will post real pics later. By the way, when I ordered my stools, the lady at CB2 said that their new catalog comes out on the 16th!

Also, a new pillow from the ever fabulous Lauren Saunders arrived today as well. I’ve posted about Lauren’s amazing textile work before. Isn’t it gorgeous? Lauren’s stuff can be found here in LA at Silho Furniture, and she just informed me that she’ll soon have some pieces at Room&Board! Please check them out. These beauties are crafted with such quality that they are definitely worth the investment. They are so lush and sexy, but really, they’re like art. Soft sculpture , if you will. Ok, I will stop gushing. Anyways- I love that “new” feeling with fresh items in your home, so I leave you with a some “new life” from a little classic d’mode. (uh… I still dance like that… shuddup. )

and another oldie but “New” via the ever fresh stylings of Gwen & Nodoubt:

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