my new friend sucks.

Step 458,001 of the house healing was to get a new vacuum cleaner. Oy. Sooo many choices out there now huh? With all the hype around the Dyson, I was very intersted in what that was all about. My house only has two rooms with carpet, and the rest is bare floor. I currently have a cheapie upright, but was considering perhaps a canister type vac. Plus, I have stairs. with carpet. I hate cleaning my stairs. It’s such a pain. So the canister concept seemed very appealing, and Dyson does not offer a cannister. Plus, the whole bagless thing, is still kinda messy. Anyways, after some research, I decided against a Dyson, and really really was loving the idea of a Miele. Now, I know Miele are really expensive. I saw an ad in the paper for this place that was having this vacuum clearance sale, so I went to check it out this weekend. Unfortunately they didn’t have much of anything, but I did get a demo on the Miele. I loved the aqua color of the model that was there, and it really seemed like a solid and top of the line machine. However, there was just no way I could spend $1000+ on a vacuum. I mean, look how easily I’ve avoided housework, that forced me into the need for “healing” in the first place. It would be a waste. So… with mission sadly unaccomplished, I left the store. Across the street happened to be a new shopping center, with a Sears, so I figured why not look there. Sure enough, they had a great little model, on sale for only $329.00- It’s the Kenmore 25813 progressive Canister Vacuum with Variable Power. I actually love the rusty-orange “Sedona” color too. It’s got all the needed attatchments, plus adjustable steel arm- AND what I really love is how they’ve adapted it for stair cleaning, with this locking arm thing that helps keep it from moving. They’ve got this great small adapter head that is perfect for my stairs, not too big, not too small. It’s also got the Hepa Filter and it has a little light that at the tip for those dark under the couch places. I’ve been vacuuming all day now. It’s my new friend!

What kind of vaccum do you guys use? Are you happy with it? Has anyone found an advantage to a canister vs. upright?

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