Fluxus: InverseFunction

I recently came across the work of Fluxus, and her site InverseFunction. (I don’t remember exactly how I came across it, so I apologize for not giving proper credit) but anyway, I immediately fell in love with her amazing photography. She truly is happy mundane. Living in the visual craziness that can be Japan, she manages to focus her eye on simple beauty and captures it in the most stunning ways. I contacted her and she gave me a little insight. She’s very into video art and photography, and trying to become a full-time atists. She says “I’m very much into FLUXUS, avante garde, and conceptual art and designs, and my aim is to integrate them into my work.” Check out her flickr site, and also her other site Fluxmode. Between the two sites, there is just too much visual overload of beautiful imagery- you’ll be stuck there for hours just admiring them! Have a great weekend!

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