Independent studies @ Target

Yesterday, I posted on I(K)W about the new packaging for the fall 06 back to school (college) home collections that are creeping into my local Target(s). Well, today I found out that Target has launched their mini-site for this collection!- and it’s called “Independent Studies”- Looks like there are two collections so far, one called “bronze age” and another called “mass transit“. The Bronze Age seems to be by art director/designer/illustrator extrodinaire Deanne Cheuk, since she has her signature on two wall art pieces, and it’s also possible she designed both collections- but I haven’t been able to find any other information about that… anyways, the Bronze Age collection feels right on trend with what I’m seeing other stores are coming out with for Fall, and is also the most sophisticated. I love all the wood pieces, and the florals are done very sparsely. I love this mirror/shelf, and these drawer boxes were great. There’s also this beautiful embroidered lamp and canvas wall art. The “mass transit” collection is all red/white/black/grey- and very urban. I love these flask vases in the Mass Transit group- I almost bought one on the spot. Overall the graphics for this season feels a little like Urban Outfitters last year… but it still feels valid, and fresh, and I want it all!!

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