where am I? where are you?

First, I’d just like to take a quick second to thank all of you that come and visit happymundane every day. It means so much to me that you take the time to click over and humor me as I babble about my mundane musings. Posts for the next few days will be light as I’m headed off on a random road trip. But I will try to throw in a few things when I can. Anyhoo, recently, I installed this map thing to the blog, over to the bottom right, and it shows a very general map of where people are visiting from. This has been fascinating! Where are all of you? I’d love to hear what city or state or country you’re all from! If you would be so kind, could you leave it in the comments to this post? just click on the grey number next to the title… in the meantime, I leave you with some yummy ramen and gyoza. More to come…

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