Back 2 School part 1

Even though summer has started and school just got out for most of the world- Mass markets are already starting to stock the shelves with Back to School Items… naturally. But this is the time I get most excited about, since most mass market retailers let loose a little and bring in more modern and dare I say, “hip” designs. I guess because most of it is geared to kids starting college who want to be all kool 4 skool. But for those of us that fall into the- school days have long been over- these B2S selections offer us readily available and affordable modern home options. Granted- you have to weed through the mostly cutesy designs. But there are some amazing gems that if placed in the right environment, can blend right in and look completely sophisticated and downright fabulous! First up is the love-’em-or-hate-’em Walmart. I’ve posted about Walmart finds before, but last night I spied this great bedspread set with a groovy retro 70’s geo print. (Shh… don’t tell, but I happen to have the Fall 06 Press preview for West Elm. Inside, there is a duvet cover that looks extremely similar- but obviously Walmart’s is half the price! When the Fall product for West Elm comes out- starting in July- you’ll see what I’m talking about) There’s also this striking tulip table lamp (The lamp is available online only. It also comes in a floor lamp model too) They also had other great items like a cool snowboard silohuette print, but I wasn’t able to get a pic of that- I’ll try again later- and this intersting floral silohuette print. Put all together, I’m not totally loving the colorway, but the graphic is nice, and I think if you used only bits and pieces of it, could be great. I realize there are many people that will never shop at Walmart for various reasons, and I completely respect that. I’m just looking at what’s out there around me in suburbia, and excited that for probably the most “mass” store out, better design steps are being taken. Next up, will be the more expectedly coolness, Target. I’m posting some of it on IKW soon, which if that gives you any clue, means I’m very excited… stay tuned…

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