Bee-line midcentury

Lisa Tyrrell recently e-mailed to introduce me to her amazing studio, Bee-Line Mid Century, located in San Francisco, CA. In addition to selling exquisite mid-century finds, Lisa and her partner Ames Munden also design these spectacular mobiles, they call “Recyclobiles.” These mobiles are created by using the left over lamp parts from their friend Robert who owns Meteor Lights, which they also share studio space with. The Recyclobiles have been featured of several design blogs in the past, but Lisa told me they are constantly evolving the line, and are currently working on a model that will include a light! (can’t wait for that!!) The mobiles remind me of an updated version of the classic capiz chandeliers. They look so great by a window and I can also imagine how striking it would be to see a bunch of them above a stairwell. Oh- and their studio also carries some incredible local designed pottery!! Check it all out and enjoy some yummy eye candy at their site.(thanks Lisa!)

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