Anonymous Beauty

I recently picked up this special “extra” issue of Casa Brutus, a japanese home design magazine, called “Anonymous Beauty in Japan.” Don’t you just love the title? Anonymous Beauty. I think I’m going to make a t-shirt that says that. Anyways- the issue is kinda old, I think it came out in August 2005. Inside, they have listed 31 brilliant pieces that are all derived from ancient craft practices, but are still totally modern and applicable for today and the future. I guess in Japan, the notion of a star “designer” is still kind of new, and until recently, almost all artistic expression was “confined to applied and industrial arts.” With technology and consumer demand making most objects made using automation and high speed technology, the art of these old crafts, generally handed down by the old “master/pupil” trade is slowly being lost. It’s nice to get a reminder to appreciate these precious works, which are so…happy mundane. Look for it if you have a japanese bookstore nearby, they might still have it as it was a special issue, or if anyone knows a source online- let us know!

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