cup of joe

I’ve noticed both Burger King and Mc Donalds have been trying to hype up their regular coffee. And actually, my mom swears by Micky D’s coffee, she says its the best- now granted- i’m more prone to the latte, but i have been drinking more regular “joe”.. and i am by no means a connossieur, but i do love the cups that BK is using. They’re so simple and bold and the brown with the dark black kinda reminds me of vintage 70’s dunkin’ donuts or something… i think i need a cup right now….

also- just wanted to give a shout out to Holly at Decor8 for mentioning happymundane on her blog the other day– welcome to all you new visitors!!- please feel free to check out the archives to the right for other happy mundane things! Holly also sent me a tip on this stylish litter box cover bench for all you cat lovers- you can read more on her site (thanks holly!)

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