gene meyer

i have been wondering lately, what happened to Gene Meyer? Back in the early 90’s, he was the new hot up and coming menswear designer, first known for his bold, graphic, happy colored ties and boxers, and then eventually a full menswear collection- In 1996, he even won the Perry Ellis Award for New Talent. Then he kinda dissappeared, like many other designer labels in the early 2000’s…. then i saw a resurgence where i think he was doing a small collection available exclusively at Marshall Fields- but that apparently is no more either. I notice now though, he is still doing rugs and some home accessories
These pieces are not cheap, (but then even his clothing back in the day was always a bit over my price range)- anyways- its so good to see he is still creating things with his great color combos and clean, simple, modern prints.

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