bird orange peeler

One of the bestest places in da whole world is the Marukai 98¢ Superstores. I went to the one in Fountain Valley, over the weekend, and among the many many little things i didn’t need, (but got anyways) i think my most favorite item was this cool bird orange peeler. and it was only 98¢!! now of course, whether its functional or not is another question. I haven’t tried it out yet, but i’ll keep you p
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gene meyer

i have been wondering lately, what happened to Gene Meyer? Back in the early 90’s, he was the new hot up and coming menswear designer, first known for his bold, graphic, happy colored ties and boxers, and then eventually a full menswear collection- In 1996, he even won the Perry Ellis Award for New Talent. Then he kinda dissappeared, like many other designer labels in the early 2000’s…. then i saw a
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happy mundane

I’ve started this blog as an offshoot of Its(k)notwood.com. Just wanted to have a place to share pretty colors, good/clever design (of any kind), simple pleasures, and to take a step back and appreciate the things that sometimes get overlooked in the everyday. There’s beauty in your dishsoap. Please feel free to leave comments and thanks for stopping by!
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