mundane aesthetic : ABQ -> PHX travelogue

Last month I did a quick little trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The allure of the Southwest just continues to call me back! I went to Santa Fe last year, but didn’t get a chance to really see much of Albuquerque, so I was looking forward to exploring it in more detail. Here are a few snaps I took wandering through Albuquerque.

After a few days in Albuquerque, I went on a little road trip down to Phoenix. I seem to go to Phoenix and Scottsdale quite frequently for one reason or another, but it’s always a pleasure to return. On the way to Phoenix, I made little pit stop in the lovely little town of Holbrook, to Stewarts Petrified Wood Shop. It’s one of those kooky kitschy roadside attractions that I couldn’t pass up. They had these ostriches you could feed in a pen next door. They were so cute!… at first… and then quickly became a bit scary as their pecking became very aggressive and I was worried they’d literally bite my hand off! lol!

Anyway, I pulled off at a few more of the many tourist stops along the way. Gotta love an American road trip right?

Finally a trip to Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Cosanti. I highly recommend going down to Arcosanti, but if you just need a quick fix, Cosanti is conveniently located in the Phoenix area and equally as awesome.

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All photos taken by and Copyright © 2017 Jonathan Lo

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