Living Room Update 2017: Christopher Wynter for West Elm

This post is in collaboration with West Elm

Getting the new couch has kick started a bigger refresh of my entire living room situation. The previous couch was a light color, so I had chosen a deep indigo colored rug to contrast. Now that my couch is darker, the indigo wasn’t working, and I felt this was a great opportunity to try a different approach.

Rugs are a great way to define a space, but they can also be used to bring texture and added visual interest. Before, I brought in prints and textures via the pillows because the old couch was so light and neutral. I used the rug to ground the area and chose a design that was predominantly solid. However, since the new couch is in a much bolder color, I’m keeping the pillows to a minimum, and started looking for a rug to provide a bigger accent.

My last rug was from West Elm, so I figured I’d start there first. As fate would have it, they came through for me again. I was immediately drawn to this series of abstract design rugs. Turns out they are part of a wonderful collaboration with NY based artist, Christopher Wynter. Here are some examples of Christopher’s work.

They took some of his paintings and translated them into gorgeous textural wool rugs.

The sophisticated palette of colors and forms were exactly what I was looking for. I originally was looking at the Sage or Multi, but in the end, I decided to save the color pops for other accessories in the room, and went with the Ivory colorway.

What I love about this rug is the variation in textures of the shapes.

This literally is art for your floor! (and it’s Pepé approved)

Check out the entire West Elm collaboration with Christopher Wynter here.

For those curious, my coffee table is a vintage score from an estate sale. You can find similar if you search “brutalist coffee table” and “Silas Seandel” Pepé is not for sale. 😛 By the way, if anyone is local and is interested in my old rug, let me know! I’ll give ya a great deal!

Stay tuned for more updates to the living room. I’ll be tackling some lighting and adding more color!…

Full Disclosure: Happy Mundane received the Christopher Wynter Art rug from West Elm in exchange for a product review on Happy Mundane. While product was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our partners!/small>

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