Skinny LaMinx Roof Garden Collection

One of the main mantras of this blog is that beauty can be found everywhere, especially in places that often go overlooked. A perfect example of this is with the latest collection from OG friend of Happy Mundane, Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx. Her “Roof Garden” collection draws it’s inspiration from, well, if the name doesn’t already give it away, the roof above her shop!

She explains, “…Behind the Skinny laMinx shop, a steel fire escape leads up to our production studio via a hot, bleak city rooftop. Over time, I’ve been adding plants to this scorched place, transforming it slowly into a spiky rooftop garden, populated with the sculptural forms of heat-loving aloes, cacti, euphorbia & more… The shapes, colours & shadows of the studio roof garden, thriving in spite of the drought and the harsh urban light, are what inspired my brand new textile design…”

I love how Heather translated the shadows and shapes with her signature simple yet striking graphic style! There are three colorways and each one is named after rooftop gardens that Heather imagines would be in different cities across the world. There are warm oranges and pinks for the “Cairo” colorway, vivid greens for the “Rio” colorway, and muted pastels for the “Miami” colorway.

In addition to fabric yardage, the Roof Garden collection is available in various ready-to-go pieces, such as cushions, bags, and accessories. All of the fabric are hand screened and made in South Africa, where she is based.

Check out all of the Skinny LaMinx collections at their website, and if you’re visiting South Africa, be sure to stop by her shop!

Images courtesy of Skinny LaMinx

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