Museum of Ice Cream : Los Angeles

I first heard about The Museum of Ice Cream pop up exhibition last year when it debuted in New York. Luckily for us in SoCal, the organizers decided to bring it to Los Angeles! My dear friend and partner in crime Tula (who you’ll remember I collaborated with awhile back for our Pastel Goth inspired Halloween extravaganza) was so sweet in getting us tickets for this highly sought after event. So… fast forward to this past weekend, where we went over to a nondescript building (except for the fact it was completely painted pastel pink!) in downtown LA to experience The Museum of Ice Cream first hand!

The Museum of Ice Cream really isn’t a “museum” in the traditional sense. There aren’t any historical documentations of ice cream through the ages or anything like that. Instead, it’s more like a Willy Wonka-like fantastical playground that celebrates the joy of Ice Cream.

You basically go through room after room of large scale interactive art installations. Along the way, you can sample some local artisan ice cream and really it’s just one gigantic instagram love-fest (and I ain’t mad at that!)

The exhibition runs until May 29, 2017 and unfortunately it’s already sold out. BUT- here are a few more moments I captured to give you a taste!

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All photos by Jonathan Lo / happymundane.com

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