One of the easiest ways to add “wamrth” to a room or space is by using an element of wood. When it comes to instant personality, I always say, add some artwork or photography! Now if you were to combine both, you’d get a pretty special piece that captures a special moment with a natural, inviting feel. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you create a piece with WoodSnap.

WoodSnap is “the original Print-on-Wood company”. They’ve been printing images on wood since 2012, when founders Mike Lastrina and Ricky Anderson started the company. A few weeks ago, WoodSnap reached out to me to check out their products. I’m always excited to learn about any local businesses to me, so I stopped by their Irvine offices for a quick tour. (Fun fact, their office is literally just down the street from my office!)

Here’s a little video they did that speaks more about what they do:

I sent them one of my instagram images to test out their process. I’m sure we’ve all seen things printed on wood out in the market. Many look kind of dull or when you look closely at them, you can see that it can be easily scratched off. When WoodSnap showed me my piece, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the quality was. I specifically chose a vibrant image to see how that would translate on the wood. They had told me that anything with white in the image would drop out to allow the natural woodgrain to show through. I was curious how having the woodgrain show through might transform my original image.

You can see in the print just how nice (and bright!) it turned out! The reason for this is that WoodSnap has developed an innovative printing technique (it’s currently in the patent process) that keeps the vivid color, but still lets the beauty of the wood grain show through. Whatever printing magic is going on there, it’s totally working!

The other thing that was impressive was the wood canvas itself. I originally thought that the canvases would just be a piece of wood, and then maybe some spacers behind them that would be glued on. However, the WoodSnap wood canvas is actually multiple layers of birch wood laminated together, then routered out. It’s one solid piece. They then router out channels behind for easy hanging.

I asked them about where they were getting the wood and was happy to learn about their Roots for Trees initiative. Basically, for every WoodSnap you create, they plant a tree! They get their wood from sustainable farms and have partnered with American Forests and other earth conscious organizations to commit to protecting the environment and giving back to the community.

WoodSnap also offers a whole bunch of other wood products that you can put your images on as well. Magnets, coasters, keepsake boxes, even… tabletops! With Mother’s day coming up, and as we head into graduation and wedding season, these could make great unique and personalized gift ideas.

The kind folks at WoodSnap are offering all happymundane readers a special discount. Just enter “happymundane20” at checkout and get 20% off your order! Check out more at WoodSnap.

Full Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with WoodSnap. WoodSnap provided a free sample of their product to me for review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own.

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