Unison Home Challenge Spring 2017

This post is in collaboration with Unison Home. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, my friends at Unison Home invited me to take part in their #unisonhomechallenge. The challenge itself is pretty simple: Redecorate a room with some of the great products that Unison Home carries, document and share! Recently, my friend Paul moved into a new house, and while the rest of the place was coming along, the guest bedroom was in dire need of attention. I thought this would be the perfect candidate for the challenge!

After we cleared out the clutter, we were left with this- essentially a blank slate:

Again, the room was a pretty neglected so this project wasn’t really a “redo” as more of a “please just do something” type of situation. No paint, not much furniture, and also not much space. The room itself was kind of small, but it did have pretty tall ceilings that helped make the room feel bigger.

If you’re like me, the guest room is often the room where everything random seems to end up in. That isn’t really the best environment for your guests right? You don’t want them to feel like they’re staying with you as an afterthought! They’re your guests! You want them to feel comfortable and I always like to make the guestroom feel like a little relaxing “oasis”. That was the motivation in creating the space. Whenever I tackle a room decor project, I always like to have a starting point. This is usually either an inspiration picture, or maybe a pillow that has great texture, and this case, it was a poster for the band Tycho. I just loved the graphic colors and it instantly gave me a vibe that I knew I could build a room around.

The first thing I did was remove the TV. I am not a fan of having a television in any bedroom. It’s fine in hotels, but in a home, I think the tv should stay in the family or living room. Next came paint. In a room that has higher ceilings, I often never actually paint the entire wall. I like to leave a little gap up top or do something graphic, like color block or adding a bold stripe. I think it helps direct your eyes and just adds more visual interest, but also because I hate climbing ladders to paint up high (lol)

I only painted both opposing walls. The other two walls had doors to the bathroom and a closet, and then a small window, and I also wanted to keep the overall lightness in the room. I pretty much kept the same configuration that was existing. The bed pretty much was in the best location, and I just needed to add a sidetable and some lighting. So, with the magic of the interwebs, here’s what I did:

Again, the starting point was the Tycho poster. I chose Unison’s gray Himmelli bedding to act as a neutral, but then added the Unison x Weaving Mill throw blanket to pick up on the blues. I then brought in a rust orange velvet pillow as an accent. I used an inexpensive 4×8 sheet of plywood from Home Depot as the headboard. I simply had it cut down to 4×6 and just pressed it behind the bed and against the wall. The floor lamp is from Target, and I added a few tearsheets from magazines for a little easy art/photo wall moment.

The side table is from the Dwell x Target collection. On the table, I chose the Cup Lamp and little Consillium pink bud vase.

I felt like with all the clean graphic elements of the poster and the bedding, I needed a few pieces that had a more loose texture. I picked up an African mudcloth indigo fabric panel from the Long Beach flea market to act as a tapestry. I hung it to the wall by using binder clips and a dowel. I also added a blue SÖnDERÖD carpet from IKEA that had a nice organic looking gradation.

On the opposite wall of the bed, I felt a mirror was needed and also some sort of storage. The Hub black mirror from Unison was a perfect choice. I then found this great mid-century credenza at an estate sale and brought in some nice warmth to the space. Finally I styled the top with this decorative orbit vase, and I added the Nest Caddy, and a few desk accessories from Poppin- like this stapler and tape dispenser.

In the end, we have a casual, relaxed guestroom with a little graphic west coast flair. Big thanks to Unison Home for putting me up to the challenge! Head over to their instagram to see what other bloggers did with their challenge!

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