The Bigger Picture – Daisy Jacobs

Happy Friday folks! For today’s TGIF videobreak, I stumbled upon this incredible short animated film that came out a few years ago called “The Bigger Picture“. It truly blew. my. mind. From the completely unique look, the styling, and then the poignant story, you’ll be mesmerized and touched. It’s won numerous awards and rightly deserved. Watch below:

And to completely obliterate what’s left of your mind, it turns out that all the animation is- LIFE SIZE?! (insert nuclear bomb going off gif) They built life size sets and all these paper mache props?! WHAAT??? There’s a really great video below that talks about the making of it.

Also, read this interview that Vimeo had with the director and writer, Daisy Jacobs, to get more background and insights on the creation of this truly magical piece of art.

More about the film here.

(via Vimeo)

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