IKEA Spring 2017 collections

Every year I always look forward to seeing the latest PS Collection from IKEA. The PS Collection is where the IKEA designers play with new concepts, and it’s geared toward a more contemporary and urban customer. 2017 marks the 9th PS collection, and it was designed by 17 designers from all over the world. There are over 50 products in the collection, and many feature multi-functional features, such as a sofa that can fold up and hang on a wall like a lawn-chair. Here’s a fun video they made:

I went to my local IKEA this week to check out the collection in person.

Here are my favorites from the PS 2017 collection:

Top Row: Green throw, Loveseat with 36 pillows, candle holder, Bottom Row: side stool, corner chair, side table with casters

These table lamps are also pretty amazing.

My favorite piece is this 3 piece planter pot. It’s kind of genius because not only is it gorgeous, it’s also self watering! You place your plant in the terra cotta insert, and then fill the outer container with water, and the water slowly gets absorbed through the terra cotta, and thus gradually providing moisture to the plant soil!

IKEA also released another collection called SPRIDD. SPRIDD is super fun and was made in collaboration with British designer Kit Neale. It’s inspired by music, fashion, festivals, and even includes some t-shirts and accessories. Here’s the promo video for the collection:

I love all the hand drawn doodles and bright prints. At my local IKEA, they set up these display areas merchandised by collections. My favorite is the black and white one. I especially love the paint splatter. According to Kit Neale,

“SPRIDD is very ‘festival-y’ with the tents, duffel bags and flasks, and then there are the boxes for moving away to college or wherever…This is a collection to be moved.”

Have you seen these collections at your local IKEA? See anything you liked? Continue the conversation on my Happy Mundane Facebook page, where I also share other shenanigans and videos.

Planter pot image styled and photographed by Jonathan Lo / J3 Productions, in-store shots by Jonathan Lo, all other images courtesy of IKEA

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