Sherman Library and Gardens

Living down here in Orange County, I frequently pass through the little beach town of Corona Del Mar on my way to Laguna Beach. I’ve always driven by the Sherman Library and Gardens. It’s funny how there are so many places right in your own backyard that you always see, yet never stop to actually visit or experience. My parents have mentioned in the past that they enjoy going there, so I had heard good things about it. Finally, one recent lazy afternoon, I decided to check it out.

From the outside, it looks very unassuming, but once you pass through the entrance, you’ll find a little world of botanical magic! It’s totally like finding The Secret Garden!

The Sherman Library and Gardens was founded in 1966, by Arnold Haskell. He actually named it after his mentor, Moses Sherman, who was an educator and businessman.

There are several areas to the Gardens, including a Topical Conservatory, Shade Garden, Succulent Garden, and Rose Garden. There’s also a restaurant and Garden shop.

The other part is the Historical Research Library. The Sherman Library has one of the best collections of books and documents related to the history of the Pacific Southwest.

It was really cool to be able to wander through all the aisles of interesting books, city records and directories. Just looking at the dates on some of these books, and how far back they went, was kind of mind blowing. There’s also a huge collection of archival papers and local art.

If you’re ever down in Orange County, and passing through Newport Beach/Laguna Beach, definitely make a stop by the Sherman Library and Gardens. Take a quick stroll, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a charming hidden treasure in Orange County!

More info on the Sherman Library and Gardens here.

All photos by Jonathan Lo / happymundane

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