Just A Few Amazing Things: January 2017

With January now in full swing, I hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a great start! For myself, I’m still trying to shake off the post-holiday slug, but there’s a ton of new things coming out now that is brightening things up and getting me excited for the coming months! Here’s just a few amazing things for you to gander:

1) Encre Dinner Plate from Anthropologie

Beautiful dinnerware design from Alex Marshall for Anthropologie.

2) Planters at Target

I recently posted about the new Threshold collection, but Target also released a few new collections, and their outdoor selection is hitting stores now. I especially have my eye on this planter from the Smith and Hawkin collection. Love the wood frame that elevates the simple pot. (I suppose it could be good DIY inspiration too.) I also love these colorful terracotta pots from the new Dwell Magazine for Target.

3) Prada Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

I can always count on Prada for inspiration for color and design. For the Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s collection, Prada gives some serious 70’s vibes and I ain’t mad at it! Miuccia Prada gave a statement regarding the collection:

“My inspirations are so many and so complex that to summarize is impossible. But I would say that the main sentiment that I had is going from bigness to smallness; from the big deal of the installation—big architecture and construction—the big deal of fashion, the big deal of art, the big deal of everything. And to go opposite. More human, more simple, more real . . . the desire for reality, humanity, and simpleness.”

I loved the set design that the show took place in too. Playing with concepts of “domesticity”, there were beds set up and low walls with a mix of tile and terrazzo.

Below is the preview/teaser video:

photos via Vogue and Prada

4) 80’s Remixes

So apparently there’s a thing happening with some totally awesome djs and musicians that are taking popular pop songs and creating totally awesome 80’s sounding remixes! I think it’s hilarious and I’m obsessed. Cue the magical synths and sax solos! YESSSS! Here are a few of my favs I’ve found so far. Many are from a musician called Tronicbox. Have any of you heard any others?

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