HappyMundane x Urban Outfitters Print Shop

If you’ve been following my feed, you probably realized that I was just recently back in Hawaii. (When the island calls, you must heed!!) I think I’ve always had a little “tropical fever” as the islands have always been a source of inspiration- especially the vibrant foliage that abounds there. As also evidenced by my feed, it’s also a frequent subject in the photos I take.

Happy Mundane x Urban Outfitters artist series

All of this leads me to say that I’m excited to announce that one of my images has now been selected to be a part of Urban Outfitters Artist Series for their Print Shop program. You can now add a little piece of that island magic to your walls with my “Island Lush” print. It’s available as just a print, or have it already framed in an array of finishes. It also comes in several sizes to fill any space!

"Island Lush" print by Jonathan Lo / happymundane for Urban Outfitters

Check out the whole series here and you can purchase “Island Lush” here.

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