The colorful world of Jen Stark

So… Not sure if you caught the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards the other night? Well, whatever was going on there, I’m still not sure! #hotmess However, the one thing that really transfixed me was the over-the-top colorful graphics that were happening throughout the show and in the background videos on stage.

These were largely created by artist Jen Stark, . A few years ago, I remember marveling at her intricate paper cut out work, so it’s exciting to see how she’s continued to evolve and grow.

Here are some examples of her earlier work:

Axiom by Jen Stark via happymundane.com

Here are some of her more recent pieces:

Cosmic Shift by Jen Stark via happymundane.com

Glow by jen Stark via happymundane.com

ExplosiveExpansion by Jen Stark via happymundane.com

Anyway, back to MTV. I especially was loving the drippy background motif and would love to have this on repeat as a video art installation on my wall! She created these with the help from David Lewandowski

I mean, who doesn’t want to fly through a psychedelic worm hole?! Check out more of Jen’s fun and eye-popping work at her site here.

(All images via Jen Stark)

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