Creating a Mood: Inside Out Magazine 8/14

Prior to picking the color or the elements placed inside, I think the most important thing when starting to decorate a room is to determine what type of mood you want to feel when you’re in the space.

The August 2014 issue of Inside Out Magazine has some great ideas on ways to create six different moods. My favorites are below:

Sunny & Upbeat:

Creating a Mood : Inside Out Magazine 8/14 via happymundane.com

Pops of yellow, grounded with neutral wood and white give a warm, bright and happy feel. The addition of pink accents sweeten the deal and I love the touch of grey on the bottom half of the ottoman. This balances the yellow and pink and keeps the space from feeling too feminine.

Light & Airy:

Creating a Mood : Inside Out Magazine 8/14 via happymundane.com

The subtle shades of grey mixed combined with lots of white, make for a clean and modern presentation. Adding pieces with wood tones and a little delicate fern bring just enough warmth and texture to make the space inviting as opposed to “cold.”

Peace & Calm:

Creating a Mood : Inside Out Magazine 8/14 via happymundane.com

This is the perfect scheme for a bathroom. Subdued shades of eucalpytus greens, light grays, and blues bring a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

The issues also presents 3 other themes: “Glitz & Glamour”, “Romantic Rendezvous”, and “Nurturing Touch”. Big props go to Heather Nette King for the incredible styling, Mike Baker for the Photography, and the flowers by Fleur McHarg. Photos courtesy of Inside Out Magazine.

Speaking of the August issue- Well look who dat??? Why it’s lil ol… ME!!! Woo hoo! I’m so thrilled and honored to be featured as one of their blogs to follow! As a longtime fan of Inside Out, it’s a bit surreal to find myself actually profiled in the issue. Thank you so much for having me!!

Inside Out Magazine 8/2014 via happymundane.com

Anyway- Check out all the ideas (and the feature on yours truly) in the August 2014 issue of Inside Out Magazine, available on newsstands now, as well as most digital outlets and also on Zinio.

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