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Linda and John Meyers are the Portland based husband and wife team that make up the incredibly talented design studio, Wary Meyers. I’m such a big fan of their eclectic aesthetic and have been following their interiors and installations for years. They have a way of blending vintage, bohemian, and irreverence, all with a modern spin- unlike any one else.

Wary Meyers Portland living room via happymundane.com

I’ve had the image above from their Portland apartment posted on my wall forever as it’s a constant source of inspiration! (click here for more of their interior work)

They have a great web shop that includes some of their vintage finds, but also a few of their own products including candles, and most recently – SOAPS!

Wary Meyers Soap Collection via happymundane.com

Their new soap line is graphic awesomeness. Bold stripes in an array of colorways and yummy scents. I asked John a little about the story behind the soap line:

What inspired you to create this line of soaps?

Linda has always been into scents and soap, and I’ve always been into stripes and boxes. So last year we decided to actually put the two ideas together and start making them. But of course not just a regular bar of soap, but instead something more like a design object- something that would look cool in your bathroom. Our first efforts were inspired by Ettore Sottsass’s Superboxes- tall, striped rectangular columns. The soaps looked fantastic but they weren’t practical, and we’d been down the too-esoteric road far too many times before. So we redesigned them with a more classic proportion and made the stripes lengthwise- more like a beach towel.

Wary Meyers Soap Collection via happymundane.com

How long does it take you to make them?

Too long- we’re very meticulous! And the packaging takes time too- the boxes are hot pressed with a cream pigment foil, then rubber stamped with the info, wrapped in parchment paper with a little striped sticker, etc… it’s just the two of us doing all of this.

Do you plan on releasing more scents/colors in the future?

Most definitely. We have a cucumber and cilantro scent coming up, and we’re working on a peach-gradient soap and a red, white, and blue striped soap (a la French flag.)

Wary Meyers Soap Collection via happymundane.com

Any other projects you are currently working on that you can share?

We’ll be introducing some new candle scents very soon, and we’re developing custom candles and custom soaps for a couple of shops, which is pretty fun. There are a few irons lined up for the fire but right now it’s all about soap and candles.

Wary Meyers Soap Collection via happymundane.com

Big Thanks to Wary Meyers for sharing a little background behind this wonderful collection! Be sure to check out (and purchase!) these limited edition soaps on their website as well as their other products.

Wary Meyers also has a great blog and there’s always fun stuff on their Instagram!

And also be sure to check out their book “Wary Meyers’ Tossed & Found: Unconventional Design from Cast Offs“. Check out some of my other book recommendations in my Luvocracy shop here.

All images courtesy of Wary Meyers

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