word. notebooks

Despite all of today’s technological advances, I still find the fastest way to capture a thought is to write it down. “Pen on paper” is not dead! The folks at Word. have created an awesome collection of notebooks to keep the spirit alive.

One thing that sets these notebooks apart is that they come with a unique system of bullet points that are printed on each page. You can use it to keep your lists, thoughts, notes organized. Even if you don’t use the system, the printed circles are subtle and there are still traditional horizontal lines to use as guides.

Word. notebooks via happymundane.com

However, the best part of the entire Word. collection are the patterns and colors. Kudos to designer Evan Walker for putting together some great camos (it’s hard to find good camouflage patterns these days!)

Word. notebooks via happymundane.com

I think most guys will love to use these and I think they’ll also appeal to girls that love a more subdued palette, and maybe even a little subversiveness. Case in point: these newly released floral patterns, complete with little skulls in the mix.

Word. notebooks via happymundane.com

The notebooks are available in 3-packs for just $9.99. Check out the entire collection here.

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