Marshmallow Peeps Smores

Happy Easter! This weekend for me was filled with a lot of nothing, which lately is very welcomed, and it was also filled with Peeps. A few months ago, I saw several pins on Pinterest regarding these “neon smores”, or “Peep Smores”, and after a little interweb-ing saw that people have been doing this for ages and it’s pretty easy and fairly genius thing to do. So… I had to try it myself!

marshmallow peep smores via happymundane.com

Basically it’s as simple as it sounds. Get a Peep, some graham crackers, some chocolate and stick ’em together. I ended up doing the microwave method, because I’m lazy and I want instant gratification. I researched several blogs and recipes and found that basically you have to just experiment with your microwave. The key thing to note is that the marshmallow will quickly expand so you have to keep an eye on it. I started with 18 seconds, and that was too long. For my microwave, 8 seconds was perfect. Once the marshmallow expands, then it’s already gooey and the heat of it will automatically melt your chocolate.

marshmallow peep smores via happymundane.com

marshmallow peep smores via happymundane.com

The results are neon colored sugary ooey gooey nom-ness. So, if you have some Peeps leftover in your Easter baskets, it’s a great little treat. (if you have kids- they will LOVE watching the marshmallow expand. This kid definitely did!)

marshmallow peep smores via happymundane.com

Btw, poor Pepé reluctantly hopes you had a great weekend and Hoppy Easter! (I know he hates me for these outfits- but it’s so worth it! LOL )

Hoppy Easter from Pepé via happymundane.com

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