the perfect gift! J3 At Your Leisure zines!

Still looking for an awesome gift idea? Well might I (highly) suggest the gift that keeps on giving? Give them (or yourself!) a limited edition issue of the J3 Zine, At Your Leisure. We still have copies of issues 2, 3, and the final #4 available, or better yet- a combo pack of all three! Above is the teaser video for the latest Issue #4 :”Flow”. A few sample spreads below: Here is the teaser video for #3
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A little over a year ago, I was introduced to a wonderful new company, RAD AND HUNGRY. Hen Chung and Sam Alston love to travel. They also have a fine appreciation for simple, cool, and unique office products. If you travel much, you may have noticed that every country has it’s own unique spin and variety when it comes to things like pens, notebooks, paperclips, etc… So, they combined both passions (travel
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Lacoste Future

I’m really digging this video for the iconic brand, Lacoste. It feels fresh and forward and yet still pays homage to the history and spirit of the brand. I also love that they are seeking out other visions of what the polo will be like for the future, (which you can add your input to!) and more at the website for “Lacoste Future” here.
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TGIF video break: If you love me

“If You love me” by BenZel & Jessie Ware
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DIY foam building block artwork

When I was looking for artwork for the big wall over at Project SB, I was totally feeling the need for something that wasn’t necessarily colorful- but still had a lot of texture, and of course, something graphic. I guess I was looking for “graphic tonal texture?” Anyway, I spotted this piece of artwork featured in Kelly Wearstler’s book Hue… which then got me thinking about the sculptura
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Kat and Roger Ceramics

Dear Santa, Since I have been such a good boy this year, I would like some Kat and Roger ceramic pieces. Kat Hutter and Roger Lee make these amazing pieces out of their studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles. So it’s local and you wouldn’t need to go very far. I would especially love the coffee drippers with a K&R tea cup, or the texture bowls, or any of the hand painted Finished K&R bowls. You ca
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