the perfect gift! J3 At Your Leisure zines!

Still looking for an awesome gift idea? Well might I (highly) suggest the gift that keeps on giving? Give them (or yourself!) a limited edition issue of the J3 Zine, At Your Leisure. We still have copies of issues 2, 3, and the final #4 available, or better yet- a combo pack of all three! Above is the teaser video for the latest Issue #4 :”Flow”. A few sample spreads below:

J3 Zine At Your Leisure #4 "Flow" j3productions.com/zine

Here is the teaser video for #3: “Cultivate” (fun fact: Issue #3 was a winner in the 2012 Print Regional Design Annual! woo hoo!)

And here are a few sample spreads of issue #2 “Vision”

J3 At Your Leisure zine Issue #2 Vision at j3productions.com/zine

All issues include a special surprise git!

Get your issues here.

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