A little over a year ago, I was introduced to a wonderful new company, RAD AND HUNGRY. Hen Chung and Sam Alston love to travel. They also have a fine appreciation for simple, cool, and unique office products. If you travel much, you may have noticed that every country has it’s own unique spin and variety when it comes to things like pens, notebooks, paperclips, etc… So, they combined both passions (travel + office goods) to create RAD AND HUNGRY. Wherever they go (and they’ve been going EVERYWHERE), they end up collecting these great local stationery and office items and then compile them into little “STMT” (Standing for SomeThing MighTy) kits. They’ve curated a whole assortment and they are all specific to the countries they were sourced in. How cool is that?!

Because we both share the same obsession with beautiful everyday goods (such as office products) it was natural that our worlds would come together. Fast forward to now and I’m so excited to be able to announce that RAD AND HUNGRY is offering an exclusive limited edition Happy Mundane collaboration kit! What would be in a RAD AND HUNGRY x Happy Mundane kit you ask? Well, if you follow the blog, you probably can guess… graphic colored goody-ness with a hit of a little neon-awesomeness of course!

RAD AND HUNGRY x HAPPYMUNDANE collab kit giveaway via happymundane.com

This VERY limited-edition RAH X Happy Mundane Kit features ::

– A 7.75” x 10.875” notebook in vibrant purple, rockin’ blue-gridded sheets (these grids ain’t for squares!). Picked up in Hungary.
– An 8” x 10.875” notebook in the sunniest yellow, rockin’ gray-gridded sheets. Grid computing – the Hungarian way.
– A honkin’ big highlighter crayon picked up in Korea. Takin’ your highlighting game to another level.
– A pencil from Croatia sportin’ the cutest snails EVER. ’Nuff said.
– A wood-free pencil made from recycled material. Made in Brasil (aka Brazil).
– A double-ended pencil, a double hit of color – fancy love from Japan. Made with California cedar wood.
+ a few other little surprise goodies… (oooooooh…)

All of this is expertly packaged (seriously, the packaging care and creativity these guys put into their kits is worth the money alone!)

I’m just going to take a sec to point out the highligher. Um… It’s all kinds of amazing. Check it. It’s not like your standard felt tip marker. It’s some sort of clear magical neon waxy crayon… from the future?!

RAD AND HUNGRY x HAPPYMUNDANE COLLAB KIT giveaway via happymundane.com

I even tried it under a black light (what? who doesn’t have a black light handy? lol)

RAD AND HUNGRY x HAPPYMUNDANE COLLAB KIT giveaway via happymundane.com

The kit is available in five colors, based on the highlighter color. Colors are first come, first serve and can be selected when checking out :: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue.

My favorite is the little “be harmless to humanity” slogan that is printed on the side of the highlighter. Words to live by. Truth.


These kits are available now via the RAD AND HUNGRY SHOP. GET THEM NOW!! (perfect Christmas gift!)


If you noticed, the title of this post says “GIVEAWAY”- so… YES! We’re giving one of these kits away to a lucky reader like you! WOO HOO! All you need to do is sign up to be on the RAD AND HUNGRY email newsletter list. That’s it. Stay up to date on the newest offerings from these guys AND enter to win this awesome kit of everyday use-able goodness? Double win! So… go sign up now!

THE GIVEAWAY ENDS DECEMBER 21, 2012. One winner will be chosen at random from those that sign up on the mailing list, and will be notified by email the weekend of December 22-23, 2012.


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