Just a few amazing things 12.02.12

Wow- It’s December?! Time to get your holiday on! For some reason, I feel like I’m so behind already. It seems like everyone already has their decorations up, shopping done, and chestnuts roasting on the open fire… I need to hurry up!! So in the meantime, here’s a few amazing things:

1) I’m sure you’ve seen posts similar to this, but Facebook has made some changes recently and even if you’ve already “liked” the Happy Mundane Facebook page (and if you haven’t, then DO IT! hehe), you still might not be receiving updates. You’ll need to click on the little gear icon and make sure the “Add to Interest Lists” is checked. You can also add me as a friend and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2) Have you started your Christmas shopping? If you’re looking for ideas (for someone awesome or just for someone awesome like yourself!) you must check out the goods at Store LA, the new online shop from the talents of Tracy Wilkinson and Simon Storey. All handmade in Los Angeles and all A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

3) This illustration that Dabito did for Wooly Pockets is adorable has me dreaming of a white Christmas… with walls of plants…

4) W hotels partnered up with Intel and Roman Coppola of The Directors Bureau to produce a series of short films called “Four Stories” which promotes W hotels and the new Ultrabook. Um… so, if anyone wants to send me to the W Maldives and/or W Doha, I would gladly give up my ipad for an Ultrabook. k,thanks. Check out all the films here. My favorties are “Modern Love” and “The Mirror Between Us”- See them below, and see the rest here.

This weekend, I officially started to get into Holiday decor/craft mode. Stay tuned in the coming days for the 2012 modern ornament adventure and (maybe some other holiday hijinks…) Hope you have a great first week of December!

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