Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? Wow- where has the year gone?! Usually around this time I start to compile a Happy Mundane gift guide, but this year, I’m trying something a little different and exciting. It’s this new site called Luvocracy. You might have already started hearing about it from other bloggers and people’s taste you trust- and that’s really the main concept behind the site. With so much going on in our lives these days, I think many of us rely on friends and other bloggers/tastemakers or websites for their recommendations, especially when it comes to shopping. That’s basically the premise behind Luvocracy. It’s sort of like a cross between Pinterest (where you curate and follow other people’s curations that you like) and Amazon.com (where you can buy pretty much anything in one place). It’s a real interesting concept for online shopping.

Luvocracy allows you to curate your own collections of things you’d recommend to buy, and then sets it up so anyone can purchase it right there without having to leave the site. You can add in your own review or thoughts on why you’d recommend it, and you can also discover, explore and “trust” other people’s recommendations.

An added bonus is that you can earn rewards for every sale that is made from one of your recommendations. Basically it’s like getting real “credit” for helping someone for recommending it (now how often does that happen?!) (more on that here) I was recently invited to join and I’ve been having a ton of fun creating all sorts of collections.

It’s super easy to do (they have an easy to use widget to “luv” things from any online store, just like Pinterest) and it’s also been great to “trust” other people to see what their favorite things are (there’s already a ton of your favorite bloggers putting collections on the site!) I’m already getting a ton of great ideas for gifts! Anyone can join, but because the site is still brand new, you need an invite.

However, I have some to give out, so click here and explore!

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