Every now and then I come across a product where I go “why hasn’t this always been in my life!?” Well my friends, I’ve recently been introduced to another one of these: they’re called Pinhooks. Basically it’s a pushpin that has a hook as the head. It’s like the cup hooks you normally screw in, except these are much easier to install!

They also come in fun colors too! Perfect for hanging string lights, decorations, or little things like keys and accessories. Obviously they’re not going to hold anything too heavy, but I’ve been using them to hang things off inspiration boards, like hangtags or small packaging.

They’re not available in retail stores yet, but you can get them via their website. Another plus, they’re based out of here in the good ol’ Orange County! (Hooray for supporting local businesses!) Anyway- check out more here.

All photos by Jonathan Lo

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