Elegantissima by Louise Fili

Although I normally skew more modern and contemporary in most of the work that I do, I have a strong appreciation and admiration for traditional and vintage designs as well. Louise Fili is one of those designers that has mastered the art of being able to balance both genres and combine them into work that is always fresh. Her projects have been such a source of inspiration and influence on my own work (as well I”m sure many of you who are also graphic designers) from the start of my graphic design career. Princeton Architectural Press has recently released an awesome book called “Elegantissima- The Design and Typography of Louise Fili” and it’s a MUST HAVE for anyone that appreciates incredible type, food packaging, and book covers.

Even if you aren’t a designer, you can definitely appreciate her impeccable style, attention to detail, and probably will recognize a lot of the highly influential work she’s done over the past 3 decades. LEGEND!! Check out more at her official site, and you can pick up the book here.

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