mundane aesthetic: weekend moments 7.21.12

Sometimes life (or traffic) takes you off the beaten path. This isn’t always a bad thing- In the case of this weekend, it gave me a much more scenic route to take. Let me back up a bit- On Friday, I headed down to Solana a bit later than I wanted to. A late start on a Friday afternoon will inevitably leave you stuck in a case of gridlock. The major cause of all the slowdown was the opening of the horse races at Del Mar.

I can literally watch the the races from my living room window at Project SB. I’ve never actually been to one, but I can see the allure. The excitement is infectious hearing the roar of the crowd as the horses near the finish line!

Anyway, aside from all the horse commotion, this weekend consisted of the usual necessary eating splurges (it is the weekend afterall!) I ordered this amazing stuffed french toast a T’s Cafe.

I also was able to meet up once again with Miss PowerPinner/blogger/photographer/& designer extraordinare, Jennifer Chong. We had this incredible watermelon salad at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach. I love Summer in So Cal!

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