just a few amazing things: 7.6.12

And suddenly our first week of July is coming to a close! Man, time feels like it’s flying by… but alas, we thankfully have a few more weeks of “summer” to enjoy so don’t let it go to waste! I’m doing a lot of much needed projects at home this weekend which i’ll post on instagram/twitter. In the meantime, here’s a few amazing things:

•1) Big congrats to local living legend Jim Olarte, the “Modern Beachcomber”. I’ve been a fan of Jim’s work for over 10 years and fortunate enough to be able to call him a friend. (You might recall, he’s featured in issue#1 of our J3 zine, and you can read the issue and his story here) He’s featured in the latest issue of Riviera Magazine. Check it out here.

•2) Last weekend, Jennifer Chong (superstar Pinterest pinner and blogger and photographer, et al) and I had the fortune of finally meeting some of our favorite pinners/bloggers Satsuki Shibuya, Justina Blakeney, and Suzanne Wu. We all got to experience Justina’s “Jungalow” and lemme say it’s just as magical in person as it looks! Satsuki and her studio were recently filmed for a little video for Emmadime‘s Lovely Ladies series. Check it out below. (shot by Marissa Maharaj)

•3) and finally- I think that someone needs to send me to investigate this stunning hotel in Mykonos. Universe, do you hear me? Check it out over on Igor’s blog and try to stop drooling.

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