my fav new pieces for Fall 2012 from West Elm

Speaking of West Elm pieces (as seen in the previous post below), I stopped by the store over the weekend and was so excited to see some of the new Fall collection has already hit the floor! My current favorites are the dipped blue vases, the “origami” table, and the “snow peak” rug.

Check out what’s new at West Elm here. See anything you like?

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  • http://www.happyinteriorblog.com Igor

    Wow, thanks for the sneak peek, Jon! I love the blue dipped vases and the origami table is a great eye-catcher. Love the combination of metal/geometry and the natural vibe of the tabletop!

  • http://operation-paper-cut.blogspot.com Erin Lang Norris

    I like West Elm’s new collection, too! I still have West Elm’s first catalogue ever from like 7 years ago…sometimes I look at them and think “why did you stop doing things like THIS?” But, I think I’m finally starting to enjoy more of their stuff again. I’m so glad I held out…I knew they’d get their groove back!

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