5 things I love about this room

Sometimes it can be one thing that totally makes a room, but often it’s the combination of a lot of things. And then sometimes you have a room that just has so many amazing elements that it compels me to gush post about it, lol. Here are 5 things that I’m obsessing over in this kitchen/dining room of Natascia Cappelazzo and Alberto Damiani, featured in the June 2012 issue of Elle Decoration UK.

1)  This room has really high ceilings, and I love that they visually “grounded” the space by painting the lower half with a graphic blue band.

2)  They could have easily went with just one clock above the doorway, but the fact they clustered two different sizes together makes it that more special. Bonus points that they did reverse colorways too.

3) The pink toy and little orange add that pop of color and unexpected fun that every room should have.

4) Instead of one long table, they butted up two different desks. genius.

5) The plants: I love the palm in the basket container placed on top of the counter in the back corner. Normally you’d put that on the floor, but because they have the height, it totally brings your eye up. The cactus adds a sculptural element, and… Cactus are just awesome.

I could totally go on… (the bench! the wood bowl! the pendants!) but would love to know what you are loving in this room?

(photo by Alessandra Ianniello / produced by Petra Barkhof / June 2012 Elle Decoration UK)

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